Music a great form of therapy

Posted: August 21, 2013 in HOME
King David Praising the Lord with His Harp

King David Praising the Lord with His Harp

Edgar Moyana

Music is one form of art which evokes emotions of different kinds, but its power lies in its ability to sooth, heal and relax the mind.
It has often been described by many as a form of therapy especially given its ability to treat various psychological disorders.This is particularly seen in the Bible, where in the Old Testament book of Samuel, David, before his rise to the throne of Israel, played instrumental music for the then King Saul.

In this story, many lessons are taught, for example lessons such as obedience, discipline and respect. These were some of young David’s character traits which endeared him to the King’s advisors, and which also gained him favour with God.

During that time, we learn that David was exceptionally skilled in stringed musical instruments, something which many including King Saul’s advisors were quick to notice about the young shepherd, 1 Samuel 16:18.

In fact, young David’s abilities to play stringed instruments especially the harp also showed several aspects of his personality. Among these include his balanced mind, music composing skills, dexterity and the idea that God’s spirit drove him.

His obedient nature and God-fearing characteristic attracted him to the King’s palace when a skilled musician was needed to play stringed music to help refresh King Saul during the time he experienced psychological or emotional problems which were caused by a demon, 1 Samuel 16:18.

When David’s reputation spread, it was less to do with his skill as a music composer or player, but more to do with the fact that God’s spirit shaped his character, giving him success in every aspect of his work.

According to the Bible, while still herding his father’s sheep the spirit of God guided young David when he wrestled predatory animals from destroying his father’s flock, 1 Samuel 17:34-37.

Also guided by God’s spirit, David when he was King over Israel, fought successful battles against other unfriendly nations, and his armies were feared everywhere.

When he was appointed to King Saul’s palace to play his harp for him, the spirit of God which guided him helped David to play his music differently from others.

The melodious sounds which came out from his instrument had a special soothing effect, but the inspiration and the spirit of God were behind it and had enough power to wade off the demon which troubled King Saul.

Such is the power of music when the artiste puts his heart and soul to his work. However, when it comes to church or gospel music, there is need for artistes to be guided by the spirit of God.

The success story of David as a player of music did not only end when he played his harp for King Saul but continued throughout his life.
After his ascendancy to the throne following King Saul’s death, David wrote many songs or psalms which today are studied and sung everywhere among Bible-believing Christians.

His psalms had a lot of meaning with many revealing many important aspects about David’s life as a youth right up to the time he served as King of Israel. The beauty of David’s psalms is that they teach how to praise, and more importantly, they inspire hope, fear, love, faith and trust in God.

Such is the power of music when it’s played for enjoyment or written on paper for appreciation and study.
David’s psalms were inspired by his knowledge and love of God. He was also inspired by his personal experiences including his life-long struggle with sin.

Hence for this reason Christians of today can learn many fruitful lessons about music as they are taught in the bible.
One of these include the idea that music and songs are powerful instruments of worship which have the ability to help relax, comfort, heal and even motivate people with inspired messages of hope from God’s word.

In the end, what the world needs today are musicians or artistes such as King David, whose music and songs have the ability to teach, inspire and even heal emotional wounds.

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