Stunner Distances Himself From Chitungwiza Song

Posted: January 30, 2013 in HOME
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Zimbabwean rapper Stunner has moved to distance himself from the Dr Clarence song, Chitungwiza Chakaputika.

Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme said this on his twitter:

I have nothin 2 do with that song inonzi paChitungwiza chakaputika. Dr Clarence only produced my songs but I don ryt(sic) for him n hatisi group.

Social media has generally been critical of the timing of the song with some saying that it was insensitive especially given the grave nature of the accident.

Five people died when as-yet unexplained took place in Zengeza 2. Some quarters have blamed juju while police are pursuing investigations pointing towards a bomb.

So there you have it. Stunner simply says he works with the guy and that is about it. That song, he says is not his business. It is easy to see how people would have quickly linked the song to the bad boy of Zimbabwean music. He is just an easy target isn’t he?


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