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On a campaign

On a campaign

DENDERA music exponent Suluman Chimbetu says there is gathering momentum in the Press for his song, Sean Timba to be banned.

But at the Book Café at the weekend the song was the pick of the bunch. There was a bumper crowd and all available parking space on both sides of Samora Machel Avenue as well as Sixth Street was filled up while inside the café it was packed to the brim with hardly space to swing a cat.
Sulu had to play Sean Timba over and over again due to the overwhelming public demand.
“I understand there is a public campaign, particularly in the Press, to have the song banned,” Sulu told the revellers. “Toibhana here?” he asked rhetorically.
The answer was a resounding “No!”
The demand for the anti-piracy song was so overwhelming that Sulumani would chant “Kana munhu anetsa varume batai munhu. Mubate nepapa, mumurove ndari, kuponda musoro, musote munhu”, before moving on the next song.
Also popular on the night were the late Simon Chimbetu’s hits notably “Dzandipedza Mafuta”, “Tenda”  and “Ndarangarira Gamba” and Sulu’s own “Kwedu”.
The track “Njiva” with its cooing sounds in the background was also a hit with the revellers as they danced the night away.
Taken off his latest album “Syllabus”, “Njiva” also brought the best out of dancer Franco “Slomo” Dhaka who delighted the crowd with his fancy moves in which he simulated the hornbill (dendera) in full flight.
But the biggest applause was reserved for guest artistes in the form of Orchestra Mberikwazvo lead dancer Selemani Mpochi aka MaJuice as well as former Mberikwazvo band member Zakaria Zakaria.
Clad in a white T-shirt with a floral design, blue jeans and white tackies, MaJuice alongside Slomo rekindled their combination at Orchestra Mberikwazvo
It was a marvel to watch the two dancers going through their paces including the late pop icon Michael Jackson’s famous “Moonwalk”.
This scenario raises two interesting questions. Was MaJuice trying to prove a point to Slomo that defecting to Orchestra Dendera Kings was a mistake or was he trying to show off?
When Slomo crossed the floor from the Orchestra Mberikwazvo questions were raised as to whether he would fit into the genre given the gulf between dendera and sungura.
Zaka Zaka raised the bar even higher with his unparalleled skills on the rhythm guitar. It was MaJuice and Zaka Zaka who brought the spark to the performance by Sulu.

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