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Moving on

Moving on

SONGBIRD Pauline Gundidza says she is finally moving on after a tumultuous on and off relationship Rockford “Roki” Josphats.

 The mother of two took to Facebook to announce that she was now back on the market and looking forward to getting hitched.
“Single and searching,” she wrote on her Facebook page. In an interview, the sultry Pauline confirmed she was looking for new love.
“This is a new year and I expect new beginnings. My love life have been affected because many people think I am still married to Roki but we are divorced now and I am ready to move on,” she said.
Roki’s manager, Bybit Ariketa, said the controvesial singer was in the studio and could not be drawn to comment.
Roki’s sister, Olgah Josphats, said the family was used to the Roki-Pauline tiff and has lost interest.
“We have had enough of the two and we have learnt not to meddle in their lives,” she said.
Things has not been well for the former Mafriq lead vocalist who had to suffer the ignominy of sharing the same roof with Roki’s ex-wife Melody Musekiwa. A close friend of Pauline said the diva has had enough of Roki’schildish games.
“Pauline seems to have realised that there is no longer a future with bad boy Roki and it’s good for her because she can now focus on reviving her career,” she said.
The friend said Pauline was not happy with the fact that Roki and friends live in a well furnished house while she and Melody, also Roki’s ex-wife, lived in a ramshackle backyard.
In a previous interview with Saturday Lifestyle, Roki was quoted as saying he had housed his two ex-wives for financial reasons.
“Its true that they (Pauline and Melody) are living together. They don’t have problems with each other; in fact, they ganged up against me. This is purely business decision, inga anababa vedu vaisiya anamai kumusha vachinoshava wani hapana chinoshamisa, it’s about progress” said Roki.
He said he was looking after his ex-wives, and taking care of their day-to-day expenses.
“One of my guys is not here; he has gone to drop some groceries there. I look after them well but I no longer want to have other children, it is time to make money,” he said.
Roki has five children with four different women — two with Pauline, one with Melody and another two with unidentified women.
He also made it clear that dating women was no longer his top priority.
“I think I now need a girl to hang out with on Sundays only,” he was quoted as saying.

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