Gringo attacks ‘money hungry’ Uebert Angel

Posted: January 19, 2013 in HOME
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One of the country’s most celebrated comedians, Lazarus ‘Gringo’ Boora, has attacked Prophet Uebert Angel saying he is only after money

Lazarus 'Gringo' Boora

Lazarus ‘Gringo’ Boora

Angel had poked fun at Gringo describing him as a small man. He is reported to have said : “ Big people don’t talk about small people and that is the reason why you see Denzel Washington doesn’t talk about Gringo.”

Gringo is furious charging that a broke Angel only returned home when he “smelt money in Zimbabwe.”

“I don’t want to talk about that man, I have no time to fight with him. Handidye sadza kumba kwake, vapfana vakauya zvino kubva mhiri vanzwa kuti kwaita US dollar kuZimbabwe. They are just there to make money and I wish the likes of the late Pastor Chiweshe were alive to groom him. He needs serious counseling and I doubt if he has even read the bible.

“Prophet Makandiwa must teach this young man, hatimuzivi isu, mashoko ake nemaitiro ake haana huMwari mukati. Of course anoita mapipi ake asi hazvina tsarukano,” fumed Gringo.

Gringo recently revived his career and starred in a re-make of Gringo. The project was directed by top filmmaker Ben Mahaka and scripted by Enoch Chinhombori who is currently based in Botswana.

Prophet Angel has been told by Governor Gideon Gono to find other ways of pleasing his supporters and stop talking about miracle money. He might even try farming to make an honest living, he said.


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