Two Women Claim To Have Been Impregnated By Winky D

Posted: January 15, 2013 in HOME, HOME
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Two women are fighting on Facebook after they both claimed to have been impregnated by Zimbabwean dancehall king Winky D.

One of them claims to have miscarried while the other one says she still has the baby. Winky D, real name, Wallace Chirumiko says they are talking donkey poo.

Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda says he knows the people behind the allegations and that they are just bent on embarrassing and ‘tarnishing’ the image of the ‘Ninja President’. The Daily News quoted him as saying:

These people attempting to tarnish Winky D’s image are part of the Zimbabwe music industry. I cannot mention their names at the moment. Winky D has reached a very high level that has made him an easy target of a jealousy mob but as usual he will stand firm. Winky won’t be dragged into this stupidity.

Well, we wonder if the people in question will be sued then. It is all very well to say there are dark forces at work while your name is being dragged through the mud.

To be fair people easily claim all sorts of things on social media such that it would be difficult to see know what is true or false. Whatever the case may be, this needs to be cleaned up.

Source: Three Men On a Boat:Additional Info By NaisEntertainment


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