Rhumba group engages Sulu

Posted: January 4, 2013 in HOME
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TALENTED rhumba group BV Labien Musica has engaged the services of man-of-the-moment Sulumani Chimbetu on its new album titled Kechi 1, Zvirisei?

The album, which was released recently, has eight tracks and Sulu features on the last song titled Ndimirire.

The dendera musician does lead vocals and shows his versatility with other genres.

The song is a plea to a lover, Maria — who goes overseas — to keep the promises the lovebirds made to each other at her departure.

The singer is hopeful that his loved one will return and they continue with their romance. He hopes that the overseas glitter does not sway Maria from a covenant signed before her aunt.

Sulu’s trademark whistling and ululation is unmistakable and makes the song unique.

Cuthbert “Vevela” Kasirori of BV Labien Musica said the group was glad to work with Sulu.

“He is a versatile musician. We invited him when we were in the studio and it did not take him time to master the lyrics and do lead vocals,” said Vevela.

“This song shows how musicians of different genres can come together for a good product despite differences in their respective beats and styles.”

Sulu’s publicist Joe “Local” Nyamungoma said working with BV Labien Musica was a good experience.

“Sulu has collaborated with Oliver Mtukudzi, Jah Prayzah, Jean Masters and Charles Chipanga and every collaboration brings a different and new experience,” said Nyamungoma.

“He was happy to feature on the rhumba album and is prepared to do more projects with other artistes to encourage unity in the industry.”

BV Labien Musica is one of the consistent rhumba groups in the country. The group has managed to keep firm despite the slump in rhumba popularity locally. The new album carries good songs that include Ma Dollar, Sibo, Nherera Inochema and Hauna Musoro.

 Source: NewsDay

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