50 Cent Explains Down Fall Of G-Unit

Posted: January 4, 2013 in HOME
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Down & Out

Down & Out

Over the past couple of years, things haven’t been the same for the one-time power house rap group . With the camp seemingly non-existent these days, the general of the crew, , explains the down fall of .

In a recent interview with HuffPostLive, 50 Cent explains why he believes G-Unit fell apart.

50 Cent goes into detail:

“Losing is not an option; you have to do everything possible to win. I don’t understand how they get complacent. You get people to deal with things, by not actually dealing with them.”

Fif adds:

“You’re the boss, and you actually work for them, because when you don’t call them to see what’s going on, they just sit there like he’s coming, he’s coming to tell me what’s going on, so they’re going to do the portion of the job they’re comfortable with.”

When asked if he wishes he would have practiced more tough love and not spoil them (Banks and Yayo) as much, 50 states:

“I enabled them, in a lot of ways I did. Where I’m from, you have a responsibility to sustain your crew. You’re actually as strong as your crew.”

When asked if the way criticized Jay-Z for the way he handled Beanie Sigel is the same way he is handling the situation with  and , 50 disagrees:

“No, that’s a huge difference, because I’m not angry with any of them, I just realized my mistakes. I wouldn’t just put them out in the cold, they have to put themselves out there.”

50 speaks on Jay-Z’s situation with Kanye:

“He’s able to associate himself with that, and make a whole new wave of cool. And that’s something he actually fathered, like he brought it up. Then it happens again, it starts with the artists under his banner. “

As the interview continued, 50 Cent spoke on the death of Chris Lighty and how he’s making sense of that.

With the interview wrapping up, Fif plays a word association game and answers questions about Jay-Z, Game, Lil Wayne and others. Watch the interview below to hear what he has to say.



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