Rihanna and Chris Brown Dating Again? Singer Disses Drake on Twitter

Posted: December 19, 2011 in HOME

not over till it's over

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown dating again? Various reports have indicated that they may be an item again, and a recent tweet to Drake from Ri may be part of the evidence!

Rihanna has dated Drake briefly in the past, as well as Chris Brown. More recently, she’s worked with Drake on his album “Take Care” on the title track. Now, many are speculating that the R&B/pop princess is longing for Chris Brown again, despite their troubles before. According to Global Grind, the recent Twitter message from Rihanna said:

“He doin it right, but I don’t want it from him”

Rather cryptic, but the article is suggesting that she’s talking to Drake and wanting Chris Brown back. That’s an interesting interpretation of one simple tweet. However, their readers have voted in a poll on the same article and 75% have overwhelmingly voted that “Yes, but she’s trying to hide it” when asked if Rihanna’s heart is crying out for Chris.

Many people will remember that years ago, Rihanna and Chris Brown were dating, but it all ended after Breezy got abusive. Since then, both have matured somewhat, although Brown has shown flashes of his temper at times. Should Rihanna take him back, or should she maybe re-consider Drake, who seems to have his act together right now, so to speak?



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