Posted: December 19, 2011 in HOME

Pokello Nare

A young flamboyant businessman, Tonderai Pasi, has spoken out after rumours continued to swell in Harare that he bedded Stunner’s new girlfriend, Pokello Nare and was tangled in the release of the sex tape.

Pasi also known as Pound because he splashes cash, runs a trucking firm. He used to live in America but returned to Zimbabwe to pursue business interests. Rumour has it that he fled the States over a credit scam. He denies this.

Pasi says he has kept a low profile and people judge him only when they see him in the capital’s night clubs.

“Well, the stories that I am hearing are crazy and unfounded,” he said adding that he never dated Stunner’s girlfriend.

“Well, of course Pokello went to the United States on business to buy shoes since she was opening a new shop in Borrowdale. Her visit was a business trip which had nothing to do with us . . .” On the allegations that he was on the run, Pound says he is a well travelled businessman who is always in and out of the country.

“Everyone who knows Pound and has done business with him knows that he travels in and out of the country and what’s so unique about this particular trip?”

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