Stunner sex DVD sparks brawl at shopping centre

Posted: December 14, 2011 in HOME

Getting jiggy with it

Barely two weeks after he stunned the music world with a steamy sex video, urban grooves artist, Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, has landed in a cauldron again, this time assaulting vendors who were selling copies of his porn video.

Stunner swooped on vendors at the Fife Avenue Shopping Centre where he assaulted one of them for possessing a copy of the DVD which showed his romp with his girlfriend.

Ironically, his girlfriend, according to the vendors, was the one who spotted their colleague marketing the porn video which has left the star’s reputation in tatters.

Stunner’s girlfriend allegedly pretended to be a genuine buyer but once she got confirmation that the hot porn disc was on sale, she left the shops before returning with Stunner, hired thugs and two policemen.

Hired thugs allegedly descended on the vendors whom they assaulted.

The crew allegedly dragged one vendor and started beating him until the other vendors intervened by closing the car park’s gates and hit back by stoning the car.

This happened in the full view of the two policemen.

“This tall light girl driving a white Prado came here and asked Brian who sells CDs if he had Stunner’s sex video.

When he told her that they had it, she went away and came back with a lot of people in her car, Stunner included,” said an eyewitness.

“They headed straight to Brian and started assaulting him, dragging him on the pavement. The funny part is that they even had two policemen with them. They were wearing casual shirts and the uniform trousers and shoes.”

“When the other vendors tried to intervene they were also attacked by Stunner’s “bouncers”. Some had their ribs broken, others have bruises on their backs and foreheads,” he said.

The victims then went and reported their case to the Fife Avenue police.

When the Daily News approached them they were not at liberty to disclose all the details.

“As journalists I am sure that you know the procedures we have as police. Yes we have a case of that nature that was reported but I cannot disclose the details, the docket has been opened and it is there at the central police station. You will get the details from our spokesperson,” said one of the police officers.

When contacted for comment Stunner at first denied any knowledge of such things having taken place.

“I had two shows on that day I do not know where you are getting that from. Write what you want. I do not care. Do whatever you want with the rumours you have heard,” he said.

When the Daily News told him that one of our reporters was present he changed his tune.

“I was just there, trying to do some shopping when I saw these people being attacked. In fact, I think they were being raided by police for piracy. When I realised that people had seen me just walking by I decided to go away from that place as I knew it would complicate things for me.

“This is just bad as everything that goes on people want to stay Stunner was there, it is just getting too much for me,” he said.

When asked who he was with when the incident took place, Stunner said he was by himself.

Police spokesperson Wayne Bvudzijena said he could not give a comment referring the issue to Inspector James Sabau whose mobile phone was unreachable.

Stunner is due to perform in London at the weekend but his off-stage behaviour and bad headlines could be his downfall.

The Glen Norah-raised artist has been in the papers with stories of alleged trysts with women dogging him.

Stunner was in the headlines last week for a home video he made with girlfriend Pokello Nare that surfaced on the Internet.


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