Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Will Divorce After ‘Explosive’ Rows

Posted: December 13, 2011 in HOME

Is It Really The End?

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are headed for divorce after a series of “explosive” rows, according to reports.
The couple were rumoured to have split earlier this year, but the two have denied these reports and have put on a united front ever since. However, sources close to one of Hollywood’s hottest couples, say that Will has walked out on Jada and divorce proceedings are expected to start soon.
“They’ve been faking it for a long time and they don’t want to live a lie anymore,” a source told Star magazine.
“Living and sleeping separately — and now Will finally walking out on Jada — have pushed them to their limit. They’re done.”
Meanwhile, another source backs up these claims, adding: “Will and Jada are finished. They’re still keeping up appearances because they worry divorce could hurt their careers, but there’s no turning back now. It needs to end.”
Apparently, a full-on battle is to ensue with the couple trying to divide their $520million estate.
Is it the end of the road for these two?


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