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together at last

The warring Somanje brothers, Daiton and Josphat, have set aside their differences as solo projects were not bringing food on the table. Daiton said they discovered that “fights won’t bring food on the table but shame in the family. We are now more than brothers,” said the jovial Daiton, shortly after their performance at White City Stadium.

“We have been working together for almost a year now and we felt it was noble that we concentrate on reviving our careers to ensure that the brand we have created lives on.

“As you know, it’s not nice to be hogging the limelight for all but the wrong reasons because we are now grown-ups with families to feed.” Daiton said they have learnt to resort to dialogue each time they encounter problems.

“I am also proud of my brother Josphat because he now respects me as an elder brother and I also do the same because we share the same blood.

“We have greater plans for the future of Pengaudzoke and things are now the same. If you want, you also ask Josphat and hear his side of the story,” added Daiton.

Josphat shared similar sentiment, saying their family problems were blown out of proportion in the Press.

“Of course, like any other problems we had our differences but to be honest we are now leading a happy life. Right now we are working together and we hope to release an album sometime next year if all goes according to plan.

“We have been working as a family and that’s why we have managed to go this far. We have also lined up a number of shows during the festive season and fans should expect fireworks because we are back and people can judge us with this performance at this Unity gala,” he said.

The soft-spoken Josphat praised their fans for being supportive even when they were really grabbing headlines for their “on-off” relationship.

“Yes, we have been fighting like I indicated before but its now water under the bridge. I hope we won’t fight again,” he added. Daiton and Josphat have on many occasions washed their dirty line in public accusing each other of witch-craft, which nearly affected their following.

The Somanje siblings put on a good show at this year’s Unity gala as they thrilled fans with their all time classics like Seiko Kuonda, Tsaona and Takabva Kure.


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