Dendera family grows

Posted: December 13, 2011 in HOME
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Heir to the throne

One of Zimbabwe’s dendera musicians, Allan Chimbetu, will unveil his son, Douglas, to the public during a live gig slated for the City Sports Bar tonight.
Douglas (20) has been learning the ropes from his father, since he made a decision to venture into music two years ago.
Although he is still a novice, he has been working hard on his vocals and, surprisingly, he has found the territory quite exciting.
Like all the Chimbetus, Douglas has not deviated from the clan’s roots and is naturally playing dendera.
In an interview yesterday, his father revealed that the young man was very passionate about music.
“I didn’t have to push him into music, but he started showing keen interest while he was still in school.
“Although he is still learning how to play most of the instruments, he has perfected his vocal skills,” he said.
Unlike other musicians, who dissuade their children from taking after them, Allan wants his son to shape his own life, and pursue his interests.
“I will support him in his efforts to pursue music.
“In the event of my death, I naturally will want him to take over and support his siblings, and has already shown me that he can do it.”
Three months ago, Douglas, together with the Orchestra Dendera Kings, held gigs in Zvishavane, Ngundu and several other places in Masvingo.
“However, I am going to keep a close eye on him,” said Allan.
Allan has been in the industry for many years, traversed the rough road with his late brother, learning the ropes from him to the extent that when Simon passed away, he naturally stepped into his shoes, by leading his late brother’s group Orchestra Dendera Kings.
Take away the quarrels with his nephew Suluman, Allan has proved that resilience is the key in the cut-throat sector.
There is no doubt that his main strength in music is said to be his voice that sounds exactly like that of his late brother.
So when the two go on stage tonight, many dendera fans will await with bated breath to check any signs of similarities in dance, gaiety, voice and passion for music.


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