Clean image is everything Stunner

Posted: December 12, 2011 in HOME

Calm after the storm

USUALLY I am not very keen to indulge or talk about other people’s private issues or businesses in public, as long as it doesn’t affect my well-being and life.
I mean I wouldn’t really care much about what a person or persons do in their private lives as long as it doesn’t affect the general public’s morality at large.

There is no need to act like voyeurs who are always curious about what other people are doing in their own space and time, I think.
I am talking about this due to budding rapper Stunner’s stunning sex tape and photos which are now awash on the public domain and, I don’t think have done much to help the affable musician’s career.
Despite his angry denials and nonchalant attitude sometimes, I think the whole episode has put a dent on his otherwise promising career.
Sex and violence are a taboo in our society; these are things that have are usually spoken of in hushed tones because of fear of being misunderstood or be mistaken for a supporter.

Like Ike Turner, the former late husband of Tina Turner, was a pariah to the world due to his beatings of then wife Tina whilst Snoop Dogg saw a slump in his music when he featured in his Girls Gone Wild show – which many regard as pornographic material.
That’s the reason why some of Maskiri’s songs were deemed not suitable for public consumption due to their perceived lecherous tones.

There is a huge outcry from some quarters that Winky D’s music promotes violence and lawlessness and as such should be censored or even banned from the radio.
Yeah, singing about sex or other naughty escapades is one thing but to be caught on camera on a sex tape is a totally different thing altogether, and then to boast about it is totally haywire.
Also Stunner’s arrogance and naivete – that it is certainly no one’s business what he does in his house and in his own time will not help him very much.

Stunner’s fame has come about due to his somehow clean and public-friendly persona, which makes most people see him as a role model and inspiration to many.
I still remember a fortnight ago at the Africa Unity Square during the Coca-Cola Pimped Up Ride function, little kids were pestering their mothers for some money to buy Stunner’s autographed CD as well as have photos taken with him.

The kids and their parents had all the confidence in Stunner and I felt really good seeing an urban groover who is equally popular with the kids as well as their parents.
Even the corporate world who are usually mean and patronising when it comes to dealing with artistes seemed to be eating from Stunner’s palms.
Stunner is now something of a small, noticeable but ever growing brand and all the endorsement deals we have seen coming to him are a clear testimony to this.

Corporates and businesses need people the public trusts to be their ambassadors not rogues or people of questionable reputations.
That’s the reason during Michael Jackson’s last years very few businesses were keen on him endorsing their products – the child molestation accusations hurt his image badly though he was acquitted, there were questions at the back of people’s minds.

Showbiz fortune (the endorsements) is usually made from having good looks, a clean public image as well as support from the civic and corporate worlds.
Tiger Woods had all that but only one scandal tainted it all, though the man seems to be trying very hard but with little success to correct that – but the problem is the public as well as the sponsors don’t trust him anymore.

The fact that Tiger betrayed their trust and endorsement deals started falling apart just shows that there is a thin line between public and private lives.
Who would want an ambassador who instead of promoting their image to the public helps to soil it with unnecessary and ill-timed moves?
It should be put across to Stunner that his equally gifted peers ExQ and Roki were among the poster boys of urban grooves music, but that somehow changed due to their wife beating ways – how

can a smooth and caring lover be an abuser as well?
Stunner was leading the pack and I still remember feeling good when endorsement deals started coming his way and I was confident the man was going to make a mark on the musical scene in general.

However, I doubt if his many sponsors will still be willing to do business with him with the way he has shamed and put himself in bad light.
Will the mothers and fathers who used to give money to their little ones to buy Stunner stuff or attend his shows still feel the same way now? As long as you are a public figure whose livelihood is to an extent supported by the public you shall always be under scrutiny no matter who you are.

I think Stunner let himself down and if he had a good management team then he should have got proper advice and tried to calm down the whole issue rather than be boastful.
The biggest joke in town for those who saw the uncensored tape and photos is why Stunner calls himself “Team Hombe”.


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