Posted: December 8, 2011 in HOME

Selmor Mtukudzi

Oliver Mtukudzi’s daughter, Selmor, is pregnant. She showed her bump at the Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton where she performed with her dad and husband.

At the festival, she performed the National Anthem of Zimbabwe and seemed comfortable in her bubbling pregnancy.

Indeed, Selmor was proud of motherhood as she joined several other solo musicians as they sang in unison during the closing ceremony.

Playing alongside her father and husband, one could just but marvel at the neatly closeness of the Tuku family as Mtukudzi introduced Selmor’s husband, Tendai Manatsa to a cheering crowd.

“Tine vakuwasha pano!” said Mtukudzi to the applause of those in attendance. Manatsa is the son of yet another great musician, Zexie Manatsa.

This year power couple singers, Tendai and Selmor launched their DVD titled Live that comprises of 14 songs which were shot in February at the 7 Arts Theatre during Valentine’s Day.

On the DVD album, they have done Mtukudzi’s rendition on songs; Svovi Yangu, Ziwere and Mutserendende while from Zexie Manatsa’s catalogue they have unplugged songs like Chipo Chiroorwa, Tea Hobvu and Chivaraidze.

Claire Nyakujarais also pregnant and performed at Jazz 105 where she showed no signs of fatigue.

Nyakujara performed for the whole night and although her dress seemed to conceal her pregnancy, it was easily visible.

The diva’s band comprises of young instrumentalists whose energy surpasses many live performers in Zimbabwe. While Nyakujara credits her rise to several notable musicians like the late Dumi Ngulube, Dino Mudondo and Mathew Kaunda, she believes her biggest inspiration comes from her husband, prolific guitarist Jimmy Buzuzi.

Her new album, Unleashed, reveals an authentic, fresh new sound and energy, and for those fans of the Afro-Jazz genre, this is an album that will excite them.



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