Posted: November 29, 2011 in HOME

A childcare university student from Zimbabwe, was crowned the title of Face of Africa UK 2011 where Malawian contestant came close to winning at a glittering pageant held in Nottingham on Saturday.

Monalisa Moyo, 18, took the beauty accolade at Nottingham Arts Theatre auditorium before a sizeable crowd.

Malawian contestant, Manchester based student Shallomy Kubwalo, 24, was crowned Second princess while Sonia Bott 21 from Zimbabwe was First Princess.

“I am excited to win and that I will be able to go to Malawi,” said Moyo.

To God be the Glory charity – main sponsors of the contest -have bought an air ticket as the main prize of the winner to go to Malawi for two weeks and do charity work.

The eight contestants in the creativity category were given a meter cloth in length to make an outfit, but not allowed to stitch. They were judged on imagination and accessories and they had to bring an African artifact to talk about where the contestants.

As is the case with many beauty pageants, the contestants mesmerised the crowd in the swim-wear category when they paraded on stage flaunting their beauty.


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