South African Socialite KOYO BALA Speaks Out About His HIV Status & More….

Posted: November 27, 2011 in HOME
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His Twitter (@koyob) and Facebook pages are filled with messages of hope and love, as his fans and followers encourage him

As World Aids Day is upon us Koyo Bala (32), member of the popular group 3Sum reveals his HIV status to Drum Magazine in the upcoming issue and putting all the rumors to rest.
The singer and socialite Koyo Bala found out that he was HIV positive on the 7 July 2010.And Koyo say that it felt like his world was coming to an end. He added that it was as if he was facing death in the eye.
Thanks to his family and friends support he did not give up on life, but rather took this as a second chance at life. He is quoted saying
“I want to use my bubbly personality to help those struggling to come to terms with their status and instil a sense of hope”.

His bravery will sure encourage other people to know their status as we approach World Aids Day and to speak out about their status.
This World Aids Day as FaraiToday, we encourage everyone to know their status and remember the ABC’s of HIV/AIDS prevention….


Be Faithful &


Source: Farai Today


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