Josh Ansley – Piece Of Me (Download Inside)

Posted: November 27, 2011 in HOME

Zimbabwean crooner Josh Ansley

Zimbabwean crooner Josh Ansley is your favourite vocalist’s favourite vocalist. He is that good. For those who have seen him on stage, doing the rounds you will know what I am talking about. His range and the ease with which he executes some notes is a thing to behold.

Now he has teamed up with super-producer Kemson ‘McGyver’ Fenton of Ice Reign Records to produce a single called Piece Of Me. The song in itself is very simple but what gives it range is what Josh does to the song. Although the keys can be overbearing at times, it is a beautiful song with shades of Jason Miraz and a strong Josh twist.

McGyver says he wrote the sing for his late wife a long time ago and he was glad he gave the song to Josh.

Josh simply said:

It is a very simple song but I am very happy with the way it cam out

You can listen to the song and download it via the player below.

Piece Of Me


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