Sulu, Jean Masters take ‘romance’ to another level

Posted: November 25, 2011 in HOME
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Dendera musician Sulumane Chimbetu and upcoming jazz crooner Jean Masters do have a lot in common. They are both young, love their music to bits, relate fairly well with their fans and both have a strong musical background.
And it appears they also enjoy a “professional romance” on stage, which continues to flourish every day, judging by the number of joint shows they have been holding since the beginning of this year.

Their professional “romance” has blossomed at Jazz 105 and Mushandirapamwe Hotel in Highfield, where their act has been well received.
Tonight the duo will take their “affair” to another level at Jazz 105 in Harare, where they are expected to fuse dendera old school classics with afro-jazz music.

The gig comes barely a month after the two collaborated on stage, at Cresta Oasis in Harare.
Despite their different genres, fans are often awe-struck by their aptitude, level of ingenuity, making their duets flawless despite their different sounding genres.

Fans are expected to witness the magical touch of Sulu’s vocal ability when he joins Jean on stage on her composition “Chipo Changu”, from her album, “Africa”, which has been well received by jazz fans.

That endorsement on Jean’s CD has enhanced her profile, making her one of the few sought-after female jazz musicians, barely two years, after she took up a career in music.

Sulumane conceded that both their fans have received their collaboration with enthusiasm.
“I can best describe my combination with Jean as classic and phenomenal. Both our fans are happy and are amazed at the energy we have when on stage together,” Sulumane enthused.

Sulu’s act like the proverbial wine is getting better with time, while Jean is proving that she is a fast learner, who despite being a novice in the arts sector, has endeared herself with fans.

It will be both a dendera and jazzy affair, and undoubtedly one of the best gigs to look forward to as the festive season beckons.
Some of the songs fans should look forward to from Sulu will include “Dzamutsana”, “Temperature”, “Kwedu” and an array of songs from the late Simon Chimbetu, while

Jean’s main attraction will be her album “Africa” and a few new songs from her yet-to-be released musical project.
Jean started off as an urban groover in 2007, assisted by the likes of Culture T and DJ Berry.

Source: The Herald


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