Khago rocks Strictly the Best show in Boston

Posted: November 24, 2011 in HOME
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The girls in the crowd screamed enthusiastically inside the Showcase Live venue in Boston as international dancehall recording star Khago hit the stage with his signature ‘ah Khago’ announcement. The Nah Sell Out Mi Friend Dem singer was one of the headline acts at the Strictly the Best concert held on November 22nd and he did not disappoint the capacity crowd after an emphatic introduction by leading Boston Hot 97 radio personality VOG.

Lighters and forwards greeted his ‘Blood a Boil’ with the white girls in the crowd leaping up to grab his hand or tug at the foot of his jeans. He greeted the crowd with a “good morning Boston, this is my first time here”. He then segued neatly into the reggae-flavoured ‘Gwaan Live My Life’ and hands swayed in the crowd. Then he paused to address the large audience.

“If yu have an enemy, mek mi see oonu hand, everybody need an enemy, my enemy motivate me fi rise up inna the morning,” he said, before launching out into the soulful ‘Nah Mek Dem Change My Energy’.

Then he changed the tone of his performance by doing his current number one hit, Tun Up De Ting on the Overproof Riddim, and dozens of lighters flickered in the nightclub.

“If yu have a true friend, mek mi see the hand dem,” Khago said and then the One Day Riddim erupted out of the huge speakers and the crowd roared its approval. He could do no wrong as he deejayed the song to furious towel-waving and lighters flickered continuously. When he sang the last bar, he even sang the first line of DJ Liquid’s ‘Wifey Walk Out’ and the girls screamed again.

A consummate performer even though he is just a rookie in the Dancehall Game, Khago then introduced the next song by saying: “anno every friend is a true friend, ah friend sell out Buju, ah friend sell out Kartel, ah friend sell out Jesus Christ…drop the riddim”.

He then deejayed Nah Sell Out Part Two, at times pausing to let the crowd sing the catchy hook. Then he exited the stage to screams of ‘no, more’ from a trio of Hispanic beauties.

He returned emphatically to stamp his class once again with Nah Sell Out Part Two and then did a heartfelt tribute to slain VP executive Joel Chin with his ‘Daddy Gone’ single. Chin was murdered several weeks ago in Kingston, Jamaica, only two weeks after the birth of his daughter. The murder has puzzled the cops who have offered a $500,000 reward to the public for information regarding his death.

Khago heads to the city of Bridgeport in Connecticut on November 25th before returning to the state of Massachuesettes to do a show in Springfield alongside new act Chan Dizzy.



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