50 Cent Feels Pressure To Make Biggie-Style Classic To Win Fans Back

Posted: November 18, 2011 in HOME
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50 Cent says that his fans have pleaded to have the “Old 50” back and he is planning on wowing them with a track that can match Biggie Smalls’ type of success.
In an interview featured in XXL Mag, the rapper admits that he is feeling the pressure to create an amazing fifth solo album, saying: “For me, I’m still up against what I’ve done.”
The 36-year-old continued with, “Now I gotta make music that reflects what N.W.A made. I have to make music that has the moments that Nas had. I have to make music that has what Biggie offered.”
“I know it’s a difficult task. You know, I see the bloggers. My audience hasn’t grown with me. They keep saying, ‘Aw, man, I want the old 50!’”
The mogul, who recently released his new venture and novel Playground says that because his life has changed so dramatically, fans of the first album who could relate to the turbulent settings in which the Street King star grew up can’t relate to his current lifestyle.
Speaking of his older material 50 said, “I was bringing them close enough to the animals, without being able to get hurt. I was taking them into my neighborhood, where you can very well get your ass killed.”
Do you miss the old 50?

Source: Tale Tela


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