Fabolous’ Baby Momma Says It Was Painful Breaking News Of Split To Their Daughter

Posted: November 17, 2011 in HOME

Says Life Is Better Post-Fab...

Fabolous’ baby momma Emily Bustamante has revealed what life after dating the rapper is like, and also explains how she broke the news of their split to their daughter.
The rapper has been in an on and off relationship with Emily for the last eight years and despite having a child together, he has never made an honest woman out of her. Emily is a star of Love and Hip-Hop and is known for being emotional on the show, often crying over her failed relationship.
While she admits that she still loves Fabolous, Emily says that her life after ending her romance with the rapper has in fact been better. “I just thought that my life couldn’t exist without him,” she told Creme magazine.
“He was my everything. And I realised that once I let him go, you know, so many other things – great things – came to me. A whole new world opened up for me. And both of us changed from it.”
Emily also revealed how she explained the end of their relationship to their daughter, saying: “You don’t really get to see in the [Love & Hip Hop Season 2] trailer, but my daughter says, “But I thought you loved him [rapper Fabolous].” And for me, it was like heart piercing. You know I’m already a cry baby! I wanted to just bust out in tears.”
“I told her sometimes love is just not enough, and when you love something, sometimes you have to let go. Because love should not be pain. Love shouldn’t hurt. And when it starts to hurt that means… it’s just time to let it go. And I was hurting. It wasn’t feeling good at that time. She doesn’t know a bad side of him. She knows the guy at home, the family guy.

Source: Tale Tela


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