Dr. Dre’s Comeback Will Have ‘NWA Type Feel’ Says DJ Whoo Kid

Posted: November 9, 2011 in HOME
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The Doc Makes A Hardcore Return To The Booth

G-Unit DJ Whoo Kid has revealed Dr. Dre’s appearance on protege Slim the Mobster’s upcoming mixtape will be a return to his hardcore NWA roots.
Along with finalising his long-awaited Detox album, Dre has been heavily involved in readying Slim and fellow Aftermath signee Kendrick Lamar for their industry breakthrough.
Speaking to Tim Westwood, Whoo Kid suggested mentoring the next wave of rap stars has reignited the 46 year-old’s hunger, pointing to his guest verse on Slim’s track ‘Back Against The Wall’ as evidence, claiming: “It feels like he’s on some hardcore sh*t, NWA type feel, like he’s back, he’s kicking it, he’s calling out haters, f*ck y’all, no more Mr. Nice Guy type sh*t.”
Dre recently announced his two latest signees would probably be his last, pledging to ‘devote all [his] attention to them.’
Towards the end of last month Kendrick Lamar revealed Dre’s own LP is all but completed and has reached the mixing stages.

Source: Tale Tela

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