Chris Brown ‘Knocked Drake Out In Rihanna Fight’ – Listen To The Audio!

Posted: November 4, 2011 in HOME

Singer Allegedly Hit Young Money Star With Flying Elbow...

Reports have emerged claiming Chris Brown elbowed Drake to the floor in a fight over the Young Money star’s relationship with Rihanna.
In an interview with Tim Westwood earlier this week, New York DJ Whoo Kid revealed Drake took an elbow to the chin after Brown found out he was still ‘fooling around’ with Rihanna. According to Whoo Kid, the incident, which he didn’t give a specific date for, was covered up by all parties.
“He [Drake] has at least eight songs on the radio that’s killing it,” the DJ said. “Not to mention features and his on singles. And him and Rihanna are supposedly fooling around. I think he got elbowed too by Chris Brown, but that never came out.”
When asked where Drake took the blow, Whoo Kid replied, “In the chin, like the corner left part. Man down, simple as that!”
Rihanna, who has not commented on the alleged fight, admitted she and Drake had a brief relationship in 2010 which was rumoured to be back on in June this year when the pair were spotted ‘all over each other’ in a Montreal restaurant, apparently ‘making out.’
However, last month Drake told MTV News the Bajan sex kitten broke his heart, admitting he “thought there was more” to their relationship than she did.
Around the same time Drake and RiRi were meant to have been spotted in that restaurant, it was revealed she and Chris Brown were back on speaking terms, after Brown accidently made public a message on Twitter asking his ex-girlfriend, “You got that pic I sent you?,” sparking rumours the pair were set for a reunion.
Do you think there’s any truth to Whoo Kid’s story? Listen to the interview below:

Source: Tale Tela


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