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Allan Chimbetu

Dendera music singer Allan Chimbetu believes his star is far from dimming and still has what it takes to warrant respect as one of the top most musicians in the cut-throat music industry.

The Sony hit maker has apparently been playing second fiddle to nephew Sulumani Chimbetu ever since they separated ways.

“I am not out neither am I down, it is only that I have not been performing in shows held in the capital, but I am still going strong. Lately, I have been working a lot on developing my musical career,” Allan told the Daily News.

He said his upcoming album titled Compass will be clear testimony that he has transformed into a formidable force.

“In two weeks’ time I will be launching my fourth album called Compass. It contains six new tracks and two bonus songs.

At the risk of sounding as if I am bragging about the album, it is going to speak for itself on the market for it is a masterpiece.

The CD is also going to be accompanied by a new DVD,” said the soft-spoken Chimbetu.

Allan, whose last offering Simukai was in 2009, said of his latest piece: “People should watch out for such classic hits as the title track Compass, a love song, Lukashayi and Dendera, a praise of my music trademark.”

To date, Allan has three albums under his belt which include Sony, Professor and Simukai.

In a move largely viewed as a desperate bid by the Harare based singer to rejuvenate his career, Allan has embarked on a nationwide music tour.

Allan who is young brother to the late legendary Dendera music founder Simon, kick started his long journey in Bulawayo, where he performed before a full house at Hustlers club on Thursday before leaving for the resort town of Victoria Falls.

On Saturday the rising star performed in the mining town of Hwange, before going all the way to Gweru where he wrapped up the lengthy and lively outings. The following week will see him extending his act to Chiredzi and other parts of the country.

The Dendera star leader dismissed allegations that he was an MDC sympathiser, after some sections of the media described him as one, following his performance at the party congress that was held at Babourfields, Bulawayo in February this year.

“Music is business. I might be having a party that I support, but when it comes to music that is my livelihood. I play anywhere across the political divide,” he said.

Allan immediately took over the reins as Dendera Kings band leader soon after the death of his brother Simon and released Sony which became a hit in a development that led to some concluding that the vacuum that had been left by the departure of Simon, Chopper as was affectionately known, had been filled.

But as differences arose in the Chimbetu family over a number of issues, eventually Sulumani and his uncle had to part ways.

But since then Sulumani has arguably been the more popular of the two. Perhaps it is the reason why Allan is currently on the long trip to possibly re-negotiate his way in the local big five music guru


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