Tongai Moyo is on anti-retroviral therapy

Posted: October 7, 2011 in HOME

Tongai Moyo is on anti-retroviral therapy he misled his fans. He said that he is undergoing chemotherapy.

In actual fact he was picking up ARVs from Claybank Clinic in Gweru. The Zimbabwean singer has misled gullible Zimbabweans that he is battling cancer and was undergoing bouts of chemotherapy. Last year, he was the subject of several hoax stories announcing his death.

The latest rumour reached zimgossip as the text message-driven rumour mill in Harare went into overdrive, conveying the news about the sungura maestro’s lies to his shocked fans around the world.

A spokesman for the singer told Zimgossip that Moyo was not prepared to respond to lies and was relaxed at his Kwekwe home with friends and family.

“He will not bless these lies with a response, the spokesman said by telephone. The State Press was the first to announce the lie Moyo had a type of cancer known as Non Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). Palms of entertainment reporters were said to have been greased to spread the info.

Lymphoma, like other cancers, is a disease of the body’s cells. It is less stigmatised in Zimbabwe’s harshly judgmental society.

Moyo revealed the disease was also causing loss of hair, and vowed to fight the “cancer”. “The signs of recovery are there,” Moyo said recently.

A recent gig at the Harare Gardens could have given him away. He put up a splendid performance in Harare in an energetic dance that health professionals said was inconsistent with the state of a person who has recently undergone chemotherapy.

Moyo said doctors had informed him he had developed the cancer because of over-exposure to cigarette smoke at night clubs and pubs where he performed almost every weekend.

Medical experts say lymphomas are more likely to develop in people who have taken drugs to prevent rejection of an organ transplant or who have lowered immunity, for example due to HIV or Aids, according to the website.

Source: Zimbabwe News Online


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