Tyrese Refuses To Apologise To Radio Station For Alcohol Rant After They Banned His Music

Posted: October 5, 2011 in HOME

Sticking To His Guns...

Tyrese Gibson has refused to apologise to a radio station for launching a tirade about alcohol live on air, despite his music being banned from the network.
The singer shocked listeners last week when he visited a Delaware radio station to promote his forthcoming album Open Invitation, but diverted from the intended topic to rant about banning liqour stores from being placed near schools.
Tyrese was immediately ejected from the interview and the building as the producer felt he was attacking state laws, and the station has since banned playing his music until he apologises.
“My position won’t change,” Tyrese told BlogTalkRadio.com. “He banned my music and this is exactly why a lot of artists don’t speak on serious issues that are going on in the community, because we can’t survive without radio supporting our music.”
He added: “I got an album coming out in less than 30 days and to have my music banned from a radio station because I’m walking in my purpose and speaking my truth, I mean that’s just crazy. Let’s just keep people ignorant.”
However, Tyrese reveals that alcoholism is an issue close to his heart. “I wrote a book, How To Get Out Of Your Own Way, and… I talk about the fact that my mother suffered from being an alcoholic. Twenty-seven years of my mother drinking literally killed a lot of my childhood, so alcohol is a very sensitive topic for me.”

Should Tyrese apologise?

Source: Tale Tela


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