P. Diddy Apologises For Club Incident: ‘I’m Sorry For Being Ignorant, Pray For Me’

Posted: October 5, 2011 in HOME

Sees The Error Of His Ways!

P. Diddy has apologised for his actions last weekend which saw him attempt to start a fight with a clubgoer, forcing friend T.I. to step in to difuse the situation.
The hip-hop mogul has taken time to reflect on his behaviour and has now admitted that he was wrong to lose his cool with the unknown man. “I am a child [of] God and I should be better no matter what someone says to me,” he wrote on his Twitter in a series of messages.
“I’m sorry for the ignorant way I represented myself and us. To all my children of God… I have backslid and regressed. Forgive me for my ignorance. Pray for me pls. I know better and I am better.”
He continued: “I have a responsibility that I promise I will live up to. And I’m more disappointed in myself than you know. I will humble myself and learn. Bottom line is I’m sorry to all! Pls find it in your heart to accept my apology.”
“I will do better and be Greater And a source of positivity.”

Do you accept Diddy’s apology?

Source: Tale Tela


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