Female Creates Blog Detailing How Busta Rhymes Allegedly Gave Her Herpes!

Posted: October 4, 2011 in HOME


An unidentified female has created a blog that details her trauma of apparently being infected with Herpes by rap star Busta Rhymes.
She writes: “I’m sharing the emotional, mental, and physical trauma of being intentionally infected with hsv-2 by rapper Busta Rhymes.”
The female goes on to talk about meeting the 39-year-old rapper posting: “So I’m at a party and Bustas road manager Fab comes up to me and says Bus wants to meet you. Okaaayy so he was tall, handsome, suited up and polite. I was attracted to him. He looked nothing like the hot dog neck, bloated gut, washed up rapper that he looks like now. We talked for a little while and he asked me for my number and we exchanged.”
The woman goes on to accuse the MC of not telling the truth. “Trevor does not disclose his positive status for herpes and is infecting numerous people with this virus. I want to raise awareness about him having this disease and recklessly spreading it.”
She assures readers that her words are one hundred percent true, writing: “My words are 100% the truth and from the heart so help me GOD. I apologize in advance if I skip around I just have so much to say.”
She even tweeted Busta posting: “@BusaBusss just man the f**k up n apologize 2 all the lives u’ve hurt. Hold a press conference at Hot 97 or some s**t. Magic did it so can u.”

Source: Tale Tela


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