Zhakata not worried about fame

Posted: October 3, 2011 in HOME

Leonard Zhakata

Zimbabwe Original Rhythms of Africa singer Leonard Zhakata says when in the spotlight, people tend to lose their sense of purpose because they are caught up in the hype.
However, the “Simudza Mureza” singer says he’s not worried about fame but he wants to touch people’s hearts and souls through his music. The down-to-earth composer, singer and wordsmith said he would rather have people understand his music more than they know him.

“I could be wrong but there is one thing inside me that hates being a public figure because of high expectations from fans. When people see you going about your day-to-day business they tend to ask a lot of questions.
“That’s the time I wish I was just an ordinary person so that I get to enjoy my freedom,” he said.

Zhakata said he’s always there for his fans although he has his quiet moments.
“I’m usually quiet to the point that some people would call it arrogance and yet that’s just me. I don’t believe in tooting my own horn but instead I’m very laid back,” he said.
He said he was hoping that more people would understand and appreciate him more through his music.

“My wish is to see Zora Music grow and become what it was before. For me it is the music which is important and not the artiste,” he said.
Asked how he fared on his latest comeback album “Gotwe”(Last Born) Zhakata aka Karikoga said the album could have surpassed his 1994 chart topper “Mugove” in terms of sales if there was proper marketing and distribution.

“Mugove”, which is featured on “Maruva Enyika” album, sold 100 000 copies making Zhakata who was 26 years old by then, the youngest musician to attain such a feat.
Back then there were flea markets and recording companies had branches throughout the country although more often than not piracy has eroded musicians’ incomes.

The fiery lyricist, guitarist and composer is riding high with his latest album called “Gotwe” (Last Born) currently receiving heavy rotation on the airwaves.
The album has put Zhakata or simply LKZee to his rightful place as one of the sought-after musicians in Zimbabwe.

The nine-track album shows how LKZee has gathered nuggets of advice about humble living and personal social responsibility in songs that are mellow in tone, pregnant with meaning and hypnotic to the listener.
Oddly enough, the tunes sound fresh and a departure from the wailing and mourning of yesteryear.
No doubt, “Gotwe” is on pole position of the music charts with such anthems and sing-along numbers as “Simudza Mureza” and “Dambura Mbabvu”.

Besides a number of hits up his sleeves, LKZee is firmly retaining his fan base, which had strayed since he took his five-year hiatus without releasing an album.
But he has since retained his status as a great performer and he never disappoints during live shows.

A good number of his fans love him for his humility and level-headedness while at the same time admire his sincerity in penning thought-provoking lyrics.
When LKZee takes to the stage everyone leaves satisfied and wanting more. Besides his latest songs, LKZee will spice it up with some of the yesteryear hits such as “Gomba Remarara” and “Maruva Enyika” among others which fans enjoy most.

Source: The Herald


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