Tupac Sex Tape Surfaces, Sees Him Rapping And Dancing While Having Sex!

Posted: October 3, 2011 in HOME


A sex tape supposedly starring Tupac has surfaced, and shows the late star rapping and dancing while receiving oral sex.
The clip, shot in 1991, was obtained by TMZ who believe that it is in fact Tupac in the video. The website reports that the rapper walks into a room filled with groupies, and has his trousers down to his ankles before a woman performs oral sex on him. They also claim that an unreleased song is playing in the background while Tupac dances and “wiggles” his hips.
TMZ also report that while ‘Pac is singing and dancing, the woman does not stop performing oral sex. Towards the end of the video, the rapper suggests that he is ready for oral sex before it cuts off.
The person in possession of the tape is planning to release it, although it is not known whether they are hoping to sell it.
Are you shocked Tupac has a sex tape?

Source: Tale Tela


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