A fruity pair! American Pie star Jason Biggs and wife hire prostitute to spice up marriage

Posted: October 3, 2011 in HOME

Sleazy couple: American Pie star Jason Biggs' wife Jenny Mollen has written an article about how they hired prostitutes

They say that things can sometimes become stale in a marriage.
But it is unlikely that many people resort to hiring prostitutes after just a year like American Pie star Jason Biggs, 33, and his wife Jenny Mollen.
The actress, whose biggest role was as minor character Nina Ash in TV show Angel, wrote a lengthy blog about their sexual escapades on website The Smoking Jacket.

To push the sleaze quotient even higher, the internet site is affiliated with soft porn magazine, Playboy.
In an article full of foul language, she describes how she ‘wanted to do something special for his birthday,’ and as a year ‘in Gemini years is like 12’ she decided to hire a prostitute.
She opens the article writing: ‘So my husband and I got a whore.
‘I’m hoping, unless you’re some sick depraved dissolute of a person, this isn’t the kind of thing you hear everyday.
‘If it is, f*** you, I thought it was pretty gangster.’

Birthday boy: Jason was allowed to sleep with a prostitute as a present after just a year of marriage
In the story, which seems strangely contrived, she then goes into great depths explaining their sordid experiences.
The first person she hires is a masseuse recommended by a friend, but turns out to be a professional massage expert, much to her disappointment.

The 32-year-old said her friend, ‘set me up’, adding: ‘The entire hour she wouldn’t shut up about my rotator cuff and various bulging discs.
‘As the night progressed, I did manage to get her drunk. Only to trap myself with her.’
She then tried again the next day when they went to Las Vegas, and they had more success, though it was not what she was looking for.
After arranging to meet a girl who caught her eye, the couple checked into a hotel called The Four Seasons.
Unfortunately they were disappointed again, as ‘Eva’ looked nothing like her photo and was a ‘three foot tall Filipino.’
Again an unfortunate incident got in the way of their tryst.
After giving the girl $300, Jason went to withdraw more money from the cash machine, only to discover he could not take any more out for the day.
The girl refused to accept a cheque and left the couple.
They decided to try their luck again the next day, this time having more luck with a girl called Keisha.
This time they paid her $600 and she performed a sex act on Jason, with Jenny then joining in.
However the experience did not live up to their fantasy, and they were soon bored.

She said: ‘We spent the next half hour lying in bed with Keisha and listening to her crazy stories.’
Despite the fact they did not enjoy the experience at the time, she says the incident improved their marriage, which has now lasted more than three years.
She said: ‘Something was rekindled between us. Or perhaps something blossomed that was never there before. I don’t know which it was, but I felt closer.’
Jason, who is said to be earning $5 million by starring in American Reunion, boasted about his wife’s article on Twitter, saying: ‘My wife is in Playboy. Hot.’
A source who is close to the couple, confirmed to RadarOnline the incident happened, and that it is not some attention-seeking work of fiction.

Source: Mailonline


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