50 Cent Fires Shots At Lil Wayne And Game In New Track

Posted: October 1, 2011 in HOME

Taking shots... Fiddy

50 Cent has ignited his feud with Game and Lil Wayne by firing shots at the duo in a new track.
The continued delay in the release of Fiddy’s album means that he has plenty of time on his hands to record new tracks. However, rather than use the time to be creative, the rapper has chosen to take aim at his nemesis’.
According to RapFix, Fiddy uses Game and Weezy as direct targets on ‘Love, Hate, Love.’ “Acting like a white boy bored/Now you wanna jump a flight of stairs on a skateboard/N**ga, why the f**k ya pants so tight?/You trying to show n**gas your a**, your alternative life,” he spits in reference to Weezy.
Possibly in retaliation to Game who labelled Fiddy as gay a few weeks ago, raps: “I touched more p**sy than maxipads/Now Detox can be your little rap rehab/B**ch, just a second visit from the repo man/And you can’t afford your monthlys, I mean God damn.”
Weezy and Game are yet to comment on the track.
Should Fiddy have dissed two of the mouthiest men in hip-hop?

Source: Tale Tela


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