JoJo: ‘I’m Fed Up Of Making Sugar-Coated Songs’

Posted: September 29, 2011 in HOME


JoJo has revealed details about what we can expect from her new album and says that she is fed up of making music that is “polite” and “sugar-coats” life.
The singer has made a return to the music scene after a lenghty absence and shocked fans this summer when she dropped a saucy remix to Drake’s ‘Marvin’s Room.’ Listeners were shocked to hear that JoJo used expletives and sexual innuendos in the lyrics, and JoJo hints that there is more to come.
“I paid so much attention to the subject matter and making sure it was honest and nothing was sugar-coated and that it wasn’t a polite record,” she told Rap-Up. “I just wanted it to be real.”
Revealing what we can expect from her next studio album, JoJo added: “In any type of record that I do, you’re gonna hear my R&B influence, and definitely a soulful vocal delivery, but I really like to rock.”
“Im just feeling a little angsty lately, so I really want to headbang and rock out.”

Jumping Trains drops early 2012.


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