Philip Chiyangwa lands ‘BIG’ acting role

Posted: September 23, 2011 in HOME

Hustler Philip Chiyangwa

Flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa might soon dazzle Hollywood with his presence as he made a special appearance on Ivory Pictures and Decent Arthouse latest production, The Gentleman.

Chiyangwa plays a BIG rich gentleman who stars alongside Presley Chweneyegae of the Tsotsi fame and Munya Chidzonga. The producer of the movie Rufaro Kaseke said the whole cast was excited to work on the set with Chiyangwa.
Chiyangwa plays the role of a BIG rich hustler named Mr Rogers, a Zimbabwean businessman running his deals in South Africa. He has his runners who front for him on the deals and one of the deals go wrong resulting in the runners losing a substantial amount of money.
Knowing Mr Rogers’ no-nonsense behaviour, they work a ‘recovery’ plan and flee to Harare. Chiyangwa’s scene was set in South Africa although it was shot on location in Zimbabwe.
“The whole cast and crew was excited to rub shoulders with a great man like Chiyangwa. “He perfectly fits the role we gave him because it depicts a rich big hustler just like Chiyangwa, although his are clean deals,” said Kaseke.
He however refused to disclose more of Chiyangwa’s character in the movie lest he will pre-empty its synopsis before its premier scheduled for Harare Gardens on September 16. Chiyangwa confirmed the development and he sounded ecstatic over the role.
Said Chiyangwa “Ehe, ndinenge ndirimo mufirimu nditori BIG haikona zvefunny, takatomboita 5 hours tichitoshooter ku Newlands ko imi mazviziva sei?( Yes I am in that movie, I will be BIG no doubt. We shot for five hours in Newlands, but who told you about this?) “For our next shoot we will definitely close part of the CBD as we do it big with these ambitious youngsters.”
Speculation has it that Chiyangwa’s inclusion in the film was largely influenced by his technical contribution in the production- by virtue of contributing to the US$300 000 that was given to Munya after his sterling performance in the Big Brother House last year. The movie premiered in South Africa after its local premier on September 16.

Source: H Metro


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