Lisa Hyper denies sex photo claims

Posted: September 23, 2011 in HOME

Real or Fake Hyper?

Emerging Dancehall deejay, Felicia Gordon, more popularly known as Lisa Hyper has vehemently denied that an X-rated picture that went viral on the web is of her.

A picture of a woman with similar facial features as Lisa Hyper spread quickly via internet and BlackBerry on Thursday morning; prompting rumors of the former Portmore Empire protégé being involved in yet another sex scandal. The woman in the picture is apparently performing oral sex; resembling a pic released of Hyper two years ago in a similarly compromising position.

Upon hearing of the pic, Hyper immediately insisted that the girl in the pic wasn’t her; claiming it’s a deliberate scheme perpetrated by haters to damage her career. Via Blackberry Messenger, the “Roll Mi Waist” deejay intimated, “Stick a pin me a clear up one pic wid a ugly gal weh dem claim it’s me..It is not me, mi pierce mi eye and mi pierce mi nose two times, plus mi have a heart tattoo over mi mouth pon the left side. Mi no shave my eyebrow dem, mi a coolie so mi eyebrow dem pretty and my nails dem caan look so atrocious, my nails dem nuh look so. She nuh have no tattoo on her chest or her neck or on her finger dem. Ah just some people ah try a ting, to all of the haters that have been leaving comments on that pic saying it’s me come SWALLA ME Up unnu caah stop me I’m too persistent if you guys feel say a lisa dah one deh. Unnu get Trick, lol”

Lisa was embroiled in a sex photo controversy in November 2009; one that many speculated involved her then mentor, Vybz Kartel. Hyper apologized for the leaked picture and was later engaged in lyrical battles with fellow deejays, Spice and Stacious regarding the controversy.

Meanwhile, Hyper is putting the finishing touches on her debut album that’s set to be released soon and is seeking to work on collaboration with the “Queen of Dancehall,” Lady Saw.

Source: OutAroad


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