Condolence Messages Pour in for Mashakada

Posted: August 24, 2011 in HOME

The Late Mashakada

Zimbabwean artists across the spectrum have expressed their shock and sense of loss following the death of Cephas Mashakada who passed away yesterday at Chitungwiza General Hospital where he was admitted last week after succumbing to diabetes complications. Super musician, Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi bemoaned Mashakada’s death and said that it was a shadowy time for the arts discipline. He pointed out that it was sad that Cephas had passed away a month after the nation lost Adam Chisvo whom he described as a hero.

He said that the nation was continuously mourning artists who continued to die within a short space of time. Mtukudzi however added that Mashakada’s death was God’s will and that no man can challenge it.

“It is another terrible dark hour for our arts fraternity. We have lost another hero of music soon after losing yet another, Adam Chisvo.

Tears will never dry… topera rumwe rumwe here? (Are we going to die one by one?) That is the will of the Lord. We are subservient to God and his will no one man can ever challenge in the fullness of time,” said Tuku through his publicist Shepherd Mutamba.

Tuku said that his family was also grieving together with the Mashakada family. He extended his condolences to the arts sector and the country.
“My wife Daisy, my family and myself are mourning with the Mashakada family and the entire arts sector and nation,” he said.

Jazz artiste Dudu Manhenga who is back in the country from her month long Italy tour echoed the same sentiments when she said that the arts industry is underprivileged, as it recently was robbed of Adam Chisvo who also died of sugar diabetes complications.

She told Zimbo Jam, “As an arts sector we have become so poor following his death because we recently lost Adam Chisvo. We grew up listening to his music; he was a man of good faith and I would like to pass my sincere condolences to the arts sector and his family.” Dudu is also a board member of National Arts Council of Zimbabwe.

Khiama Boys boss, Nicholas Madzibaba Zachariah, said that he had worked with the late musician and pointed out that his death was a big loss to the music industry, “We worked together for a long time and we had a very good relationship. His band is one of the old bands that were still doing well. I am really hurt by his death, it’s a big loss to the family and the entire arts industry as a whole,” he said.

Alick Macheso’s manager Sandukwa hailed the late leader of Sounds of Muddy Face, saying that in their entire relationship as band colleagues they had never had any confrontation with Moto Muzhinji as he was well known. He added that as a band they cultured so many things which they will continue to cherish in his absence.

“We worked with him for a long time and never had any problem with Cephas Mashakada. Since he came into the industry before Macheso, we learned from him and we will keep on esteeming what he taught us,” said Sandukwa.

Allan Sony Chimbetu on behalf Orchestra Dendera Kings depicted the late Mashakada as an icon and portrayed his death as a trouncing incident to the arts sector. He also said that the nation has been stripped of an endowed artiste.

“He was an icon and his death is a defeat to the industry. The country has been deeply robbed of a talented musician.”
The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe this afternoon also released a condolence message which spoke highly of Mashakada’s contribution to the development of the music sector, among other things.

Mashakada recorded over 15 albums most notably Nyaradzo Yakaitwa, his biggest album of all time.
He and The Muddy Face have been on the music scene since 1977. However, some of the pioneer band members are now late. Job Mashanda, the late Paul Mpofu, Teguru and Zebron are some of the musicians who worked with Mashakada.
Meanwhile mourners are gathered at House No 2482 Unit B, Seke, Chitungwiza.

Source: Anozivashe Shumba for Zimbo Jam


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