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The inaugural Miss Curvy.....

CHAOS marred the inaugural Miss Curvy for the Harare Chapter when organisers clashed with the adjudication panel over the judging criteria.

Mercy Mushaninga, the brains behind the contest expressed her dismay over the chaos which spoiled the pageant which had created a lot of interest among Harare’s modelling enthusiasts.

“We delayed announcing the results and we are apologetic about that. The reason was that I felt some of the judges were not using the real criteria in judging the ladies. “We were looking for a Miss Curvy, a woman with curves, a real African woman. The judges made the mistake of not judging the women according to their curves. Some of the ladies who made it into the top ten were not curvy enough,” Mercy said.

She added: “I did not want them to look for things they normally appreciate in ordinary pageants. “It was supposed to be different. I wanted the real Miss Curvy to resemble what I had specified to them. “If some of the contestants were asked to stand next to Miss Zimbabwe there would be no difference.

“The judges claimed to have been looking for a contestant oozing with confidence with a good personality as well but since they never had a pre-judging session with the women how could they have possibly known about their personalities? “On top of that, these women are big and most of them could not walk in heels properly. I even discouraged them from wearing the heels on stage and in addition to that the stage was not stable.”

To make matters worse Doc Vikela, a “Clementine” in stand up comedy as proved by his poor insulting dry jokes dismally failed to entertain the crowd. The stand up comedian or (lack thereof) at one point dissed the women that they were taking too long to dress up because they were ‘too big’ showing his utter disregard to the curves which were being celebrated.

At a show designed to boost confidence for women who are not size zero and not considered the “modelling type”, Doc Vikela found himself spattered with egg on the face, “I did not get to listen to his comedy but some people were complaining that they were in bad taste. “We only took him to entertain the patrons because he once worked at the agency. He (Doc Vikela) even said that he had done his comedy at the wrong place and to the wrong crowd,”Mercy added.

Doc Vikela who specialises in dishing out an array of tasteless jokes on subjects ranging form farting to well, farting only managed to annoy the crowd if their jeers were anything to go by. By midnight, the winners of the pageant, Tanyaradzwa Chikuni,(Queen) her first princess Jacqueline Mahaja and second princess Sharon Munetsi who will all take part in the National Miss Zim Curvy had not been announced. The organisers however, said the turn-out was a consolation as an enviable crowd had thronged the venue to celebrate curves.

Source: NewsDzeZimbabwe


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