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The Late Amelia

ZIMBABWE’S showbiz industry last week woke up to a dark cloud with the passing away of a rising hip-hop star, Nicole Amelia David.
Amelia, who was fast rising to stardom, has been regarded as the country’s own version of Nicki Minaj. She died at the age of 16.
Her family hinted that Amelia started suffering from a severe headache on July 26 and was admitted to the Avenues Clinic. The headache later led to a stroke and she passed away in the early hours of July 30.
Well known for her hit song “Number One”, Amelia was born on March 9 1994 in Bulawayo and at the time of her death, she was a student at Vainona High School.
Aunt Keke, a family representative, said life will never be the same without Amelia. “Amelia always brightened up a place with her bubbly character. There was never a dull moment with her. She was family-orientated and she was a mature sweet young lady. We will greatly miss her,” she said.
Aunt Keke added that Amelia knew what she wanted to do in life, that is singing, and by the time of her death she had achieved her dream.

Rest in Eternal Peace Nicole Amelia David

Last year, Amelia signed to Bryce Music Nation with distribution from Phatlip Records Africa. Before signing to Bryce Music, Amelia had recorded some underground tracks for her mixtape.
After featuring on the Bryce Music Nation anthem, Elton Bryce — the president of Bryce Music — was so impressed that he signed her to his two labels Bryce Music Nation and Phatlip Records Africa that same week.
After signing the deal, Amelia began working on her debut album, titled “Amelion”, which translates to “I am Amelia the African music lion”. Within the third week Bryce Music and Amelia were on the shores of Lake Malawi shooting a high definition (HD) video for her first single, “Number One” with the Malawian filmmaker and the results were amazing.
The video will air on Trace, Channel O, MTV Base and other music channels that play African music. Her second single was “Keep it Low”, whose video features Sisiyanti and Cherish Bryce was also shot in Malawi.
Her debut album “Amelion” features a galaxy of African music artistes from different genres. These include DTruce, Petkuss All Stars from Nigeria, RINA, Sam and V2 from
Malawi, Dan Kaz from Oman, Karma, Shinso, Cindy, Berny B, Gze, Nathaniel Mo’Vibez and Leah Ellis from Zimbabwe. Amelia’s 10-track album “Amelion” was scheduled to be launched on August 6.

Angel...Nicole Amelia

Amelia’s friends described her as an environmentalist who was fun-loving, eccentric, adorable and understanding. Because of Amelia’s love for nature, her family, friends and fans were wearing green in tribute on the day of her burial.
Memory Chirenje, Amelia’s friend and colleague, said Amelia’s death came to her as a shock to her and it will take a long time for to accept that her friend is gone.
“I don’t know what to say, I am so devastated right now. Amelia’s death is a great loss, I am waiting for someone to tell me that this is all a joke but I guess I have to face reality,” she said.
Frank Gomani, the public relations officer of Bryce Music Nation, described Amelia’s death as a big loss to the Zimbabwean music industry.
“Amelia was a very humble person who could easily adapt to any situation. Even though she was new to the music industry, she had a lot of talent and she had a bright future ahead of her,” he said.
In a befitting send-off, Amelia was laid to rest at Warren Hills Cemetery in Harare on August 3.

Source: The Sunday Mail

For those of you who did not know Amelia, take a look at the videos below:

Our deepest condolences to her family and may she rest in eternal peace.

  1. Zunaide kassim says:

    What a wonder she was ‘zimbabwe’s nicki minaj’

  2. allan says:

    i learnt with her together with her cousins sasha eg at vainona high school i remember her well i even gave her my hat GOD i felt very bad

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