Exercise or Sexercise?

Posted: July 30, 2011 in HOME

Burning some calories

July 29, 2011 by newsdzezimbabwe

Why exercise when you could sexercise?

In a not-so-surprising survey, women said they would rather exercise by having sex than go to the gym, especially at the end of an exhausting day, the Daily Mail reported.

The survey showed that 76% of women said they were more inclined to have sex if they thought it would help them lose weight. They also said they would rather participate in more mundane household chores like vacuuming if it would help them burn the same amount of calories as more traditional exercise routines.

Not only is sex more fun than a run on the treadmill, it can also be less expensive, the Mail reported. Expensive gym memberships have caused many women to look for cheaper alternatives to stay fit, including a late night of love making.

Of those women who do have gym memberships, two-thirds said they would rather exercise in the bedroom than the weight room, especially if they are already feeling tired.

According to some sex experts, a half-hour bedroom session can burn as many as 350 calories, the Mail reported. Kissing for an hour burns more than 200 calories.

Other health benefits of sexercise? Studies show sex can boost cardio health, help ease depression and stress and lower the risk of heart attacks, according to MSNBC reports.

Endorphins released during orgasms stimulate immune system cells, which can help heal wounds and target illnesses like prostate cancer.


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