National vs International

Posted: May 28, 2011 in HOME





Another weekend another concert by international musicians in Zimbabwe, they come they perform rubbish with promoters charging exorbitant amounts of entrance fees, and yet time and time again like fools we rush in knowing damn well its all same old story,  dissapointment in its worst definition.


Only a handful of international artists have managed to provide value for money.  Koffi Olomide, Penny Penny, JB Mpiana, Akon, Sean Paul, Sean Kingston to name the few have all failed to live up to expectation, it’s always local artists ended up picking the pieces and yet they’re the least paid. Our promoters never learn, they don’t have problem paying obscene amounts of money to foreign artists but when it comes to local artists the offer less than peanuts.


For once I think it’s time for Zimbabweans to be selfish, time to be patriotic towards our own, why not? After all they’ve done everything to sustain,  mantain in other words to prolong the life of our entertainment industry despite being poorly paid by their labels, poorly represented by their union let alone poorly paid air play fees by ZBC, and unsupported by the government.


Local artists they sell more copies than international artists, they generate more income for the labels, more tax for the government (which they don’t re-invest in that industry) they keep ZBC going and yet majority of them live below the poverty line even by Zimbabwes standard. Now its time to start supporting them, buy their music, by their mechandise, pay for their shows, come on Zimbabwe our industry is worth more than it is valued.


Move over Ciara here comes Cindy!












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